Member’s Day at The Belfry..Friday 15th July

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Members Day at The Belfry.  The Brabazon course.  The Malden Bowl (stapleford)  The High and Dry Cup (scratch)

Yellow Tees

2.00       Steve Turney  24   Ian Bridges  24   Ben Khonsaraki  24   John Nash  18

              Danny Newson  20   Adam Farley  24   Phil Peters  19   Superman  24

              David Dryden  15   Karl Heffernan  18  Jim Devine  19  Barry Devine  19

              Secretario  17   Iain Hadcroft  24   President West  19   Captain Nige  24

              Ivan Forster  9   Tom Pinchbeck  5   Dave Hadcroft  8   Guy Williams  16

Near the pin on the 12th

Long Drive in the 15th

There will be 2 HnD matchplay matches going on.  Pinchbeck/Williams

                                                                                  Secretario/Hadcroft (Iain)

Blue Nun moment…Exempt.  Steve Turney

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